Blogs from May, 2017


According to the United States Fire Administration, during an average year, home electrical issues cause an estimated 67,800 fires, 2,305 injuries, 485 fatalities, and roughly $868 million in property damages. Why are we sharing this news? At Sylvester Electric, Inc., we care about the safety of you and your family. That is why during National Electrical Safety Month, we are encouraging families to have their home’s electrical systems evaluated. This can ensure homeowner and their families are safe!

Most Electrical Fires Can Be Prevented

Most electrical fires are completely preventable. In fact, most issues which cause these fires can be identified by an experienced electrician when they conduct a thorough safety inspection. For this reason, we are offering complimentary inspections, which include assessments of the following:

  • Loose service panel connections
  • Limited services panel capacity
  • Burnst busbar
  • Outdated wiring
  • Current code violations
  • Dilapidates builder’s grade materials
  • Expired smoke detectors
  • Defective smoke detectors
  • Lack of GFCI outlets

Taking the initiative to have your home inspected could be the difference between safety and an electrical fire. So, don’t take that risk; take advantage of our offer today.

Why Choose Sylvester Electric, Inc.

At Sylvester Electric, Inc., our Tewksbury electricians are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality, straightforward, and prompt service. In fact, we have built our entire reputation by fully committing our company culture to professional and friendly services. No matter what your needs may be, we promise to deliver timely results because your time is valuable to us! Additionally, we guarantee to leave your property as tidy as it was before we showed up and provided services for you.

Do not wait to get in touch with our Tewksbury electricians. Allow us to evaluate your home and insure your family’s wellbeing!