Blogs from September, 2019


We’re accustomed to dealing with a certain level of electrical power needs in our day-to-day lives, but will it get harder to deal with power interruptions as we incorporate more and more electricity into the mix?

So what do you do to keep everything running smoothly if there’s an interruption in power?

You need a back up plan or more specifically you need a backup generator in place. Here are a few of the advantages a generator can provide to keep your home or business safe & functional:

  1. Keep a comfortable temperature. Generators keep systems running smoothly in the heat or the cold. Helping with health-related heat issues by keeping you cool and keeping systems running smoothly in the cold to avoid issues like bursting pipes
  2. Keep your basement clean. If you’ve got a sump pump, you want it working in a storm to prevent flooding. A backup generator will keep the power flowing.
  3. Fresh food – keeping your refrigerator and freezer going strong while you wait for power to be restored can save you $$ so that your food doesn’t spoil.
  4. Home Security. Most home security systems have a backup battery but those tend to run out quickly. A generator can keep your security system running without interruption, keeping you & your loved ones safe.
  5. Your devices. Keeping the power flowing to your computers, smart phones and other devices can keep your productivity going for work and also keep you entertained.

The possibilities are endless as to how power sources can be interrupted, animals chewing on wires, backhoes hitting buried cables, Mylar balloons floating into power lines, fallen trees, storms, etc. Power outages have become a fact of life. The team at Sylvester Electric can assist with installing the right generator to give you peace of mind in the event that the power goes out, knowing that your electrical needs will be maintained.

You can get more information about our generator servicing options here.