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A Variety of Lighting Options

When it comes to lighting your home, it can be a tough decision on which bulb to get. You walk into the store and see an array of options, and you’re not really sure of the difference or what each type will offer. It’s also likely that you will need most, if not all, of the different kinds of bulbs throughout your home.

Luckily, the Sylvester Electric, Inc. team is experienced in all aspects of lighting and is here to help you decide which bulbs are right for you.

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are currently one of the best options for your home. These bulbs don’t contain mercury and don’t emit heat like other bulbs. Their unique construction allows them to use much less energy compared to other types of bulbs. They achieve better efficiency because they use less energy, but emit the same amount of light.

LEDs have a slightly higher upfront cost due to their relative newness. But since they’ve become more popular, the price has come way down. Plus, LEDs will last a decade or more, which is way longer than their counterparts.

LED bulbs are great for a variety of uses, and wherever you decide to use them, you can expect the same performance and cut down on your energy consumption!

Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are among the most popular types of lighting because of their low cost and ease of use. Incandescents have become more energy-efficient over the years, but they still don’t hold a candle to LEDs.

These bulbs can be used pretty much anywhere, but they need to be replaced much more often than LEDs. A plus side to incandescent bulbs is that they can be used with a dimmer.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs aren’t as energy efficient as LEDs but still are better than incandescent bulbs. They last about the same amount of time as incandescent bulbs but are usually reserved for flood lighting around your home. If you have overhead lights in any of your rooms or security lights outside, they’re probably halogen.

The unique shape of halogen lights allows them to spread light differently than incandescent or LED bulbs, which are shaped like the traditional bulbs you’re familiar with.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs are another popular option but are less common in homes. If you walk into a grocery store or office building and are hit with bright, white light, that’s likely the work of fluorescents.

Fluorescent bulbs are unique in that they are usually long, thin bulbs that are placed in overhead lighting. They use mercury vapor, which turns electrical energy to light when activated. At home, these bulbs work well in spaces where a lot of light is necessary, like a kitchen.

CFL Bulbs

A type of fluorescent light bulb is a compact fluorescent or CFL. They have the same lighting technology (mercury) but are much smaller and are built in a unique curled shape. These are a step up from incandescent bulbs but aren’t as reliable as LEDs.

Since fluorescents use mercury, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection encourages homeowners to recycle them. Mercury is toxic to both people and animals, so it’s important to take great care of your fluorescent bulbs both before and after use. Even if the light has died, there is still mercury that can be released if the bulb breaks. The department offers drop-off locations for fluorescent lights where you can bring yours to be recycled.

Here to Light Up Your Home

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