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Man looking at electrical wires during power outage

Are you prepared for a power outage this winter? During a power outage, things can get a little frustrating without access to electricity, especially when you're trying to stay warm.

Follow these steps to prepare your home for the upcoming winter season and a possible power outage. Here's our checklist:

Stock Up on Batteries

There are many items in your home that can run on batteries. Keeping batteries on hand will allow you to have spare parts for your appliances, such as flashlights, radios, smoke detectors, and clocks.

Check Your Flashlight and Radio

Ensure your flashlights and radios are working correctly before needing them in an emergency; you can also keep some extra ones on hand. During a power outage, flashlights and radios are dependable to use and will help you through the outage. Although many use candles, the safer alternative is a light source that doesn't require an open flame. As for the radio, if your phone can't connect to the internet, a battery-powered radio will keep you alert with any evacuation alerts or important news.

Buy a Car Charger for Your Phone

Although you probably keep a portable charger cord in your car, make sure you have one ready for a power outage in case your phone runs out. Keeping a charged phone on hand is very beneficial for keeping in touch with your loved ones and connecting with the outside world in the presence of a stable connection.

Turn Down The Temperature in Your Fridge

Another thing to check off your checklist is lowering the temperature of your fridge before a storm approaches. Doing so allows the food in your fridge to stay cooler longer, even after the power goes out. Avoid opening and closing your refrigerator doors to conserve the cold air inside.

Invest In A Standby Generator

A standby generator is a very reliable investment in losing power. If you're looking to get your power back up, a solution to keep your home electricity running is a standby generator powered by natural gas or propane. It disconnects your home from the electrical grid and transfers its power to your home's electrical panel.

A generator can power your home for several days, depending on the capacity it can hold. However, you must remember that your generator runs on fuel, which can quickly run out during a power outage. Stocking up on fuel and gas beforehand is also beneficial to ensure your generator can run.

Here For Your Safety

At Sylvester Electric, Inc., our technicians are fully licensed and insured to ensure our customers always feel comfortable and safe. Contact us today for electrical services in Lowell or Middlesex county, and let Sylvester Electric give the power to you!

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