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A three prong electrical outlet in white

Electrical Outlet Components

We use electrical outlets every day. They power appliances, devices, and the systems that keep our homes running. But are all outlets made equal?

Here’s what you need to know about finding the right outlets for your home.

Look for GFCI & AFCI

There are safety components in outlets that are crucial to protecting your home and family. GFCI, or ground-fault circuit interrupter, and AFCI, or arc-fault circuit interrupter, help prevent electrocution and fire.

Both devices are programmed to detect unusual activity in electrical current. They will trip a miniature circuit breaker to stop the current from damaging the outlet or causing a hazard.

Make Sure it Matches a Circuit

Outlets and their wires connect to the circuits on your electrical panel. If you look on the board, you probably have it labeled by room or area. But some outlets require special hookups to operate safely.

For example, if you have a washer and dryer, they should get their own circuit. Large items like air conditioners, hot tubs, and more should also get their own circuits since they draw more power than typical appliances.

Fit the Application

Similar to having the right number of circuits, you need the right outlet to fit the appliance. For example, a dryer needs more power than a television. There are heavy-duty outlets that can safely deliver the right amount of power to your appliances.

Know Your Amperage

When installing new outlets or updating existing ones, it’s important to match the outlet to the wires and the appliances that will be plugged in. For example, a 20-amp outlet will not work with a 15-amp wire. Kitchen appliances typically need higher amperage than in other areas of your home.

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