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A circuit breaker is a type of electrical switch that is designed to protect your home and your electrical system from taking damage caused by too much current running through it. When the breaker detects that there is too much current, it will shut down the flow of electricity to your home.

A fuse has a similar function, though it must be replaced after the device is triggered, whereas a breaker can be reset back to normal function. Both these devices play an important role in the safety of your home electrical system, and bringing in a Lowell breaker panel electrician can help you to ensure that they are expertly maintained.

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Whether your breaker needs removing, tightening, or replacing, Sylvester Electric is the trusted team you can count on to handle it. Our electricians are backed by over 30 years of experience, meaning we have the knowledge to perform any fuse services you need. Call today for breaker and fuse repair in Lowell, and let Sylvester Electric keep your home and family safe.

At Sylvester Electric, we are proud to offer our customers:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you don’t love the service you received, you will not pay for it.
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  • Straightforward Pricing: You should never have to wonder how much you’re going to pay for electrical service. We give you a written price in plain language before we begin our work. No surprises, ever!

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As you may already know if yours trips frequently, circuit breakers are usually located in the basement, garage, or exterior walls of your home. Resetting a tripped breaker repeatedly tends to be extremely annoying, but why does this happen? If tripped breakers are a problem you are tired of facing, pay attention to your electrical habits, and look for the signs that it’s time to call an experienced electrician.

There are three main reasons a breaker trips or a fuse blows:

  • An overloaded circuit: 
    • This is the most common cause for a tripped breaker and simply means that you have too many things pulling electricity on a single circuit at the same time. Consider unplugging some of the devices in the room said circuit is powering if this happens to you.
  • A short circuit: 
    • This happens when a “hot” wire touches either a neutral wire or another “hot” wire. It is important to call an electrician if a short circuit occurs in your home.
  • A ground fault: 
    • This occurs when a “hot” wire comes in contact with the ground wire. The good news is that with a ground fault circuit interrupter, you can usually prevent this problem from happening.


In all the cases mentioned above, there is potential for dangerous electrical fires or other hazards. That’s why it’s better to be safe than sorry, and call an electrician if you are experiencing breaker issues. Remember, DIY electrical work is dangerous, and any problems with your circuit breaker should be handled by a professional.


At Sylvester Electric, all our electricians are: 

  • Fully trained
  • Licensed
  • Bonded 
  • Insured to deliver nothing but safe and secure work

Our team knows how to diagnose and repair breaker and fuse issues quickly before they become a problem for your property. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our uniformed and background-checked technicians, and find out what our Top Rated, Best of HomeAdvisor Business can do for you.

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