Electric Home Safety Inspections

Electrical Home Safety Inspection in Lowell, MA

Confirm the Safety of Your System in Middlesex County

Home safety inspections bring peace of mind and act as a safeguard against appliance failures and electrical fires. Sylvester Electric continues to serve our community by providing professional and comprehensive electrical inspections in Lowell and Middlesex County.

We want your family to be safe no matter what, and our team is committed to delivering 100% satisfaction to every customer. Call us today to help protect your family and home, and find out why customers have trusted our local electricians for over 30 years.

Call (978) 910-0021 or contact us online to schedule your electrical home safety inspection in Lowell or Middlesex County today!

Why Electrical Home Safety Inspection Is Important

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) cites electrical issues as being the second leading cause of property damage in the United States. Much of this could be avoided by taking basic precautionary measures such as calling for the kind of inspections offered by Sylvester Electric.

Also worth considering is that the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) cites faulty and/or insufficient wiring as a leading cause of accidental electrocutions. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your electrical system. For reliable home safety inspections in Lowell, contact Sylvester Electric ASAP.

Consider an electrical home safety inspection in Lowell or Middlesex County if:

  • You are buying a new home
  • You live in an older home
  • You have done an extensive home renovation
  • You want to purchase a major electrical appliance
  • You are worried that something in your electrical system is not working properly


When you call us for an electrical inspection, our team will begin by fully examining your electrical system for degradation, fire hazards, outdated wiring, and waste. We always consider insurance requirements and building codes to make sure your property is in total compliance. Our ultimate goal: to save our clients money while also protecting their loved ones and their homes.

After we perform an inspection of your house, we can devise a Safety Savings Plan that keeps your home secure and your pockets full. Savings are a big part of everything our Lowell safety experts do, and with our Safety Savings Plans starting at $9.95 a month, there’s no way to get a bad deal when you sign up now. Remember, it only takes pennies a day to protect yourself against electrical problems with Sylvester Electric.

Book Your Home Electrical Inspection with Sylvester Electric Today

When you contact Sylvester Electric, we make sure a live person answers the phone, so that your questions are answered instead of recorded. It's important to us that we know how to meet your expectations from the moment you call to when our service process is finished. We also want you to inquire about our warranties and guarantees—like no extra charge for failed repairs within one year!

Contact us online or call (978) 910-0021 to schedule your quick & comprehensive electrical home safety inspection in Lowell or Middlesex County today!

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