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7 Small Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Use

Electricity for a home can be expensive. With all the electronic devices we use today, it can be easy to forget how much electrical power we consume.

Here are seven ways to cut costs on your monthly electricity bill.

1. Unplug Electronics

Even if your TV is off, it’s using electricity. The same goes for lamps, appliances, radios, and more. This is called “phantom power,” as it’s the power consumed by devices while they aren’t on.

To save on this wasted energy, unplug devices that aren’t in use. You can’t do this with all appliances, like your refrigerator or water heater, but every little bit counts.

2. Adjust Your Thermostat

Raising (or lowering, depending on the season) your thermostat can save a lot on HVAC energy costs. In the summer, raise the thermostat a few degrees and use a fan to help keep your home cool. In the winter, lower the thermostat and bundle up with blankets and sweaters.

3. Upgrade Efficiency

Without maximum efficiency, you’re throwing money away on wasted energy. Upgrading old appliances to new, energy-efficient models will help save money on monthly utility bills.

4. Use Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are a great way to reduce your lighting use. Instead of having your light bulbs at full power, you can reduce the current that flows to the bulbs and therefore reduce your electrical use.

5. Upgrade to LED Bulbs

If you want to save money on lighting costs, LED bulbs are the best way to do so. These bulbs, compared to incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, use far less energy and last a lot longer. They also don’t emit heat, so they won’t have an impact on your home temperature.

6. Reduce Water Consumption

Even your water use can drive up your electricity bill. The more hot water you use, the more your unit has to run to warm it. Take shorter showers when possible and don’t use the hot water tap unless you need to.

7. Use Smart Outlets

Smart outlets are a great way to regulate energy use and add a level of convenience to your home. Instead of leaving devices plugged into the wall, a smart plug can turn off the current to the device when prompted. This reduces phantom power and also gives you a chance to control devices from your smartphone.

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