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Fluorescent tube light bulbs stacked in a bag

How to Dispose of Used Light Bulbs

How many people does it take to throw out a light bulb? Two! One to handle the bulb while the other reads this informational blog.

You may assume that you can just throw bulbs away in the trash after they cease to provide light. While that is the case sometimes, there are also special considerations to be aware of. We’re breaking down which bulbs go where when they’re finished and why it’s important to use the right disposal method.

These Bulbs Can Go in the Trash

Incandescent, halogen, and LED bulbs are safe to throw in the trash. But be careful! These bulbs, especially incandescent, are fragile and can break if thrown around. You may want to either double-bag your garbage or place the bulb(s) in a separate container before placing it in the trash.

You should also be careful when removing and disposing of the bulbs, as they could still be hot.

Disposing of Bulbs That Contain Mercury

You must be careful when disposing of fluorescent and CFL bulbs. These bulbs contain mercury, a naturally occurring metal that is toxic to humans and animals in certain conditions.

Because of the tendency for bulbs to break during trash collection and disposal, it is not recommended that they be thrown away with other trash. This could result in mercury being released into the environment. Too much mercury in the environment can impact water sources, wildlife, and the food supply. For more information on mercury and its risks, visit this website from the State of Massachusetts.

In 2006, Massachusetts actually banned the disposal of mercury-containing products, including fluorescent bulbs, in household solid waste. There are recycling facilities set up across the state where you can bring these bulbs so they can be safely processed.

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