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Inside your home, you probably notice electrical issues like flickering lights, breakers tripping and outages. These are issues are usually resolved by adjusting the electrical panel. If you have ever had to go outside to flip a breaker on your electrical panel, you may have noticed another box with a number display right next to the electrical panel. This is your electric meter. Knowing how it works and when it needs repair can help you avoid higher than normal electric bills or an unexpected loss of power.

The certified electricians at Sylvester Electric naturally have spent loads of time with electrical meters, and we’ve got plenty of good information to help. Follow along to learn about issues that relate to electric meters like whether yours is faulty and needs repair.


Where Is My Electricity Meter?

Electric meters are most commonly located on an outer wall. Look for where the power line runs into your home. In older homes, the meter might be found in the basement, the garage or a utility room. Oftentimes, the electrical panel and electrical meter will be located next to each other.

If you live in a multi-family home or apartment, check the walls inside. The meters will usually be clustered together with a meter for every dwelling. Each meter should be labelled with a unit number.

Common Problems with Electric Meters

  • Fluctuating electric bill: If your energy bill looks higher or lower than normal, the electric meter could be the culprit.

  • Error on display: If the unit shows a digital error message, it could indicate that the meter needs to be replaced or reset. If the screen is totally blank, the meter may not be receiving any power.

  • Power loss: If the meter somehow becomes disconnected, the power to your home will go out. The meter itself could also have failed and cut off power.

  • Meter not reading usage: If the meter is a traditional meter with turning wheels, they should be moving if your building is using electricity. If it is a digital readout, the numbers should be changing. If the wheels are not turning or the numbers do not change, the meter is not tracking electricity usage.

Electric Meters are Reliable

Electric meters do not fail often. There is a good chance that any problems you are having with your electrical system are related to something other than the meter. Nevertheless, an electric meter can still fail and should not be ignored if you think there is an issue. Getting a professional to take a look is always the smartest course of action.

If you are concerned about your electric meter or any part of your electrical system, contact the electrical experts at Sylvester Electric by calling (978) 910-0021 or fill out an form for an appointment.

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